A Shanty No Lemon A Shanty No Lemon,Reviewed #116 – Part 2 – 3 Years!

#116 – Part 2 – 3 Years!

#116 – Part 2 – 3 Years! post thumbnail image

The crew celebrates three years of Comedy Gold. The crew reflects, Colonel T sends a message, Beer spills, makes Lisa lick carpet and wipes it up with a towel. Also check out the live feed at UStream.tv.Speaking of throwing down a towel, we talk about Hillary, is Iraq going well, Roy goes crazy with conservatism. Local news and events plus listener email with Lisa getting a letter directly, and much more! Don’t forget to check out our survey here! Call the listener line at 206-338-3562. Remember kids A Shanty No Lemon is an adult show, ask your parents for permission!

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