A Shanty No Lemon A Shanty No Lemon,Reviewed #141 – Oh What Will Happen?

#141 – Oh What Will Happen?

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We’re back with more wine. Marc has a stalker but it doesn’t matter cause Whiney Wilma, John and Joan, Shercock Holmes and other guest stars stop by to visit. Oh what will happen? Anthony and Marc talk about their colonoscopys and other medical problems (yep fun stuff).  The guys try to explain to Patrick a prostate examine and we review Patrick’s ‘list’. Is Anthony going bald?, speaking of bald what about bald ‘balls?’ and do you Nair your balls? Topic Switch: We catch up on our favorite artists’ latest recording, and we have ‘Bar Talk’ discussing the best bars for drinking and dancing in Columbus.  Lastely how does married or coupled life suit the guys now that everyone is in a relationship and how soon should Marc jump into bed with his new relationship? Send your feedback to info@gaycomedypodcast.com. All this and much more on this jammed packed show. Don’t miss!

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