A Shanty No Lemon A Shanty No Lemon,Reviewed #147 – Don’t Listen to this Show

#147 – Don’t Listen to this Show

#147 – Don’t Listen to this Show post thumbnail image

The snow finally melted so we could actually get out to record the first show of 2011. Tim puts a folic snow object on Marc’s lawn just to piss him off. In relationship news, Marc is already broken up with new boy as he turns 45 (send him gifts)! Tim’s going back to Hawaii AGAIN. Anthony got a great new job with magical fairies included! Ohio’s new governor is already screwing up, but that’s okay as Anthony believes the world is being controlled by the new world order. Anthony is also mad as hell at Mayor Coleman for not doing his job. Is Obamacare unconstitutional? Both Anthony and Tim say screw the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance, and much more! Apply directly to your forehead and listen today!

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