A Shanty No Lemon Reviewed,Tech #150 – You Know What We Need? Railings!

#150 – You Know What We Need? Railings!

#150 – You Know What We Need? Railings! post thumbnail image

It seems like ages but Patrick is back in the studio. Anthony argues with Patrick over the safety of nuclear power, and chances are Anthony is probably wrong. However, they both agree the iPad 2 is sorta ‘meh’. Patrick is dissapointed in the cutbacks of the space program, however Anthony is sure Wal-Mart will begin offering flights soon in a completely safe manner. Microsoft finally gives up on the Zune and Anthony is the first to report it. Anthony worries about the day Steve Jobs dies and Apple loses it’s rockstar status. Will MacOS become open sourced someday? Can you upgrade MsDos 5.5 to Windows 7? Robot Chicken Star Wars 3 rules! And last but not least Anthony is addicted to World of Warcraft. Listen to his tale of going to level 62 in WOW and still not being able to fly in the old world. It’s a packed filled show so listen like right now!

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