A Shanty No Lemon A Shanty No Lemon,Reviewed #152 – Zillafag returns

#152 – Zillafag returns

#152 – Zillafag returns post thumbnail image

Zillafag joins me to discuss topics such as ‘The End of the World’ and the ‘Rapture’, as well as how much of a douchebag our Governor Kasich is. Are the gays causing the end the of the world, or per chance are there other items that are causing our economy to collapse? Zilla gets a new puppy and he’s a ‘chewer’. The Army Engineers are blowing up dams to reroute water to save towns or are they purposely trying to flood people? Speaking of rain, Columbus has had an ENORMOUS amount of rain, oh the joys of the home-ownership. This leads to Anthony needing a new roof and Zilla needing new water pipes. Anthony is also angry about the loud car radios that come down his street. Anthony and Zilla cover the gay news and much much more.

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