#19 – This Week In Gay – Does Not Constitute Legal Advice

JayT, Joey from C&CP, Brother Cineadus, David That Blue Jeans Guy and Terminal Single Tim are back and we go through the latest LGBT news of the week. Thousands mourn a slain gay man in Scotand, and should TWIGY cover sad news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. St. Petersburg considers penalties for Gay “propaganda”, Australiam PM WILL allow minister a “conscience vote”, Jane Lynch says she feels “bad” for Brett Ratner apologizing, but Anthony still wants him to apologize for X-Men 3. Trans Rights Bill passes the Massachusetts House, Netherlands Parliments moves on LGBT issues and Haters are allowed to take Prop 8 reversal to court. This and some NON-Legal advice (don’t sue us) on this week’s This Week In Gay!

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