A Shanty No Lemon Reviewed,This Week in Gay #52 – This Week In Gay – Cthulhu

#52 – This Week In Gay – Cthulhu

#52 – This Week In Gay – Cthulhu post thumbnail image

A busy news week for the LGBT community – French President Calls For Global LGBT Freedom From Persecution, Pro-Gay Marriage State Senator Declared GOP Primary Winner, Texas school shuts down entire course, to prevent possibly gay student from joining,
Couple whose wedding photo was used in anti-gay ad is suing, NYC Health Department Issues Meningitis Outbreak Alert For Gay Men and Radio host challenge to ‘turn hot lesbians’ backfires with inside scoop directly from Anthony. Also: Donations now being accepted for 2013 server funds, please consider donating to This Week in Gay! Education Tidbit of the week: Cthulhu

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