A Shanty No Lemon About the Shows

About the Shows

A Shanty No Lemon – Taken from the anagram of host Anthony’s name, A Shanty No Lemon started it all over seven years ago. The show highlights the lives of Anthony, Tim, Marc, and Patrick, plus Central Ohio LGBT and Political News, and hilarious commentary on the Gay World. There is also the occasional interview show featuring LGBT talent and comedy videos. ASNL is a Gay Talk show that features 3 straight guys, 1 token straight guy, and sometimes friends sitting around and discussing what matters to them living in Ohio.


This Week in GayThis Week In Gay – Joining together with Super Powers of the LGBT Podcasting Community, This Week In Gay reviews the news from affecting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community. Anthony leads a rotating all-star cast of LGBT Podcasters as they review the news and give their opinion and advice. Broadcasting live each week on Pride48.com Sundays at 7 PM. EST. This is a show you definitely do not want to miss!


Gay Comedy Podcast – The Gay Comedy Podcast skits used to start off A Shanty No Lemon, but were broken off into their own show by fan requests. The podcast is a short 10-15 minute comedy bit featuring crazy characters, hilarious stories, and a sound effect collection that would make any studio executive proud. With an extended cast of talented actors, the crew performs entertaining comedy to help brighten your day and allow you to laugh again.


Tech with Patrick – During the preshows hosts Anthony and Patrick would normally gossip about technology news and other ‘nerdy’ items. Tech with Patrick was broken off to give listeners a chance to just download the Technology discussion shows. Each show features Patrick and Anthony discussing technology news from the viewpoints of a Linux Server Admin and a Macintosh Fanboy. Topics also featured include NASA news, Sci-Fi updates, Apple News, and much more.


Objectivism – Objectivism is a rarely recorded show. It features Tim’s partner Andy (previous host of ASNL) and Anthony discussing in-depth political views and structures of society. Andy who is a staunch Libertarian helps to break down political and government structures to educate the masses on alternative governmental systems and means. The show provides insight into how to remain an individual within the confines of an ever-expanding society.