Change Changing Places – Becoming A Conservative Gay

Becoming A Conservative Gay

Change changing places
Root yourself to the ground
Capitalize on this good fortune
One word can bring you round
Changes – Yes 1984

You’re likely going to see some changes here. As change itself is inevitable, so goes the saying. When ASNL initially came to a close in 2012, the world, MY world was a vastly different place. Some eight years later I look back on some of the content, not recongizing myself, and digusted at my thinking at specific moments.

ASNL ended when life got a little too busy for everyone. The Podcast worked best when everyone was in the same room riffing off each other. But at the time everyone was busy doing other things and asking everyone to drive up to central Columbus to record in a house full of birds was asking a lot. After a few attempts to record a final show failed, and my feeling that I had said everything I needed to say, I shut the whole thing down and moved onto my next project in life.

I proceeded to start my music career which as with many things I knew would take some time to both get moving and become good at. Now seven years later with seven full albums, numerous singles and various bands I’m pretty proud at what I have accomplished. Even when various friends shook their heads at my attempts, I stuck with it. At the beginning it was rough and downright embarrassing as I neither had the training or the knowledge. I didn’t know what a hi-hat was on a drum, I didn’t know about recording to a click track, or adjusting midi to match time in Logic. But I knew in time I would learn, adapt and get better, as nothing great is achieved overnight.

My life itself changed. Gone were the days of going to Gay bars and now I was going to ‘regular’ bars to perform. Every time I setup my keyboard at the Bethel Road Pub it was like setting up a little bit of home. As my bands became better, I developed my ability to produce shows and gather evenings of entertainment became a secondary skill. In fact, at one point I was the guy the everyone was calling to book shows because I had become friends with so many other local bands. Bars would be asking me to book nights and find bands to play for gigs. It became a complete second job and at some point I had to back off because that was becoming too much to coordinate. However, I would throughly enjoy sitting next to the mixing booth, cross-legged on the window shelf area watching the next band after I just had completed our set, thinking ‘I did this.’ It was nice. It felt like home.

It’s during this time my realization of the world was changing. I had taken the ‘red pill’ and started to listen to podcasts such as the No Agenda show with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. This was during the Obama years and suddenly it was becoming very clear to me that the world I was taught to believe was very different from reality. As my world view changed with my world itself, I saw myself less as someone who ‘was Gay’, but an individual who just happen to be ‘gay.’ I realized a lot of what I had thought BEFORE I started the Podcast was starting to make sense again. I never related to the Gay Community till I came to Columbus because I grew up in one of the richest farm counties in Northern Ohio. As time went on I realized this the so-called Gay Community was not friend, but was becoming a hinderance to society.

This came to a head with Orlando Club shootings where is was clearly apparent that a closeted gay man who was harassed by his idiotic religion had a mental breakdown and went on a shooting spree. As I saw the news media completely lie about this situation I rebelled at the so-called Gay community’s policy for in-action instead of action. As the Gay Pride Parade I saw a gather of PreP pushers mock Veterans with ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flags. Instead of standing up for our right to exist against religions with bad ideologies our community wanted to accept this stupidity and blame Conservatives. It was here when I realized that I had outgrown the Gay Libertal mindset.

As I started watching Dave Rubin and became more involved with videos on YouTube I realized there were individuals saying exactly what I was thinking, but more proficiently then I ever could. As I became more Libertarian and started reading Atlas Shrugged I soon realized what a paradox of a person I had become. I did not rest in any camp because I have so many contrary views.

I’m still an Atheist even though most my bandmates are Christians and have treated me better than most Gay people. I’d also would rather trust hanging out with them than most Muslims although the Muslim friends I have are probably the nicest people I’ve ever met. I don’t have the time to hurt their feelings and tell them to their face they are being stupid (actually this goes for any religious person/friend.) I don’t care about Abortion because I’m Gay and will never father a child, all I can say is the majority of parents I know dislike their kids and weren’t ready for them to begin with (nor desired them.) Most of all the Gay Community’s complete subversion to the Democratic party now completely disgusts me as the facts have come out on how evil and vile Obama was as a President. This combined with the stupidity of the #meToo movement, over-the-top Virtual Signaling, The War Against Men and the misguided TransMovement; I am definitely a Minority within the Minority. The majority of Gay Men and Women have no clue how to be an adult or how the world works.

I will say that the one ideal I try to hold to is ‘Don’t Be A Douchebag.’ However this is hard to do when your livelihood is threatened by the New World Order. Once you understand how the World is run you have to curtail your whole life around survival. Once you understand that you’re only point of existence is to make money for the rest of the elites, your self worth is definitely changed forever. Life’s challenge to maintain a job, take care of your kids (birds), and do something creative becomes a mountain you daily climb.

This brings up to today. Several years, several jobs, several homes later. For a while now I’ve been biting my tongue, at work, with friends, even with my partner. I did not want to come out as a someone who liked Trump, anti-immigration, semi-Vaxer, etc…  I soon realized this fear  was the exact same fear I had when I was just entered the workforce and just starting to come out. As I censored myself back then changing pronouns to hide my sexuality I was now censoring myself to protect my livelihood for fear of retaliation. After our recent ASNL ‘reunion’ show one thing became very apparent to me.

I definitely have more to say…and I will not be censored. 

SO I decided after reloading up the website I am going to use ASNL for my voice for not the Gay Community, but anyone who had a contrary viewpoint from the current social narrative. Whether it’s Blogging or Podcasts remains to be determined and who knows if anyone will even listen/read. Currently I’m working from home so I have a lot more time on my hands with this CovidCrap and along with extra time comes the need to become creative. As I continue with my musical endeavors I also feel the viewpoint from a Conservative Gay (really more Libertarian Gay) definitely needs to be heard. Even if the only viewers/readers are Aliens 100 years from now looking back on ancient technology I have a desire to express and it’s going to happen whenever I can make it happen.

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