Columbus Ohio for George Floyd Protests Accomplish Nothing

The Columbus Ohio Protests for George Floyd only serve to show the ignorance and stupidity of the human race in 2020. Individuals who believe that protesting actually can accomplish something in this day and age of the instantaneous data.

To those who are not aware there are three types of individuals who are attending these riots

  1. Individuals who actually believe that they can make a difference in the world by protesting.
  2. Individuals attempting to increase their YouTube/Instagram audience.
  3. Douchebags that just want an excuse to destroy something.
  4. Individuals run by organizations trying to stir up those douchebags for political purposes.

The Breakdown

In this modern age of instant information, the global elites understand that the only way to control the populace to move everyone to turn against each other. This is why you constantly see the Fake Mainstream Media propagate news stories of of Police abuse. When daily, colors of people are getting abused by colors of cops. These other incidents are just not news worthy. If there is no use for political mind control it doesn’t make it to the Breaking News sound bite.

Protesting does nothing but provide a short stint of exposure. As I’ve always said on the ASNL show if you really want to effect change – go after the pocket books.

Any individual can go downtown to the capital, scream for a few hours and maybe make it onto evening news. The only result is the dopimine hit that makes you think you made a difference in the world. At the end of the day (or the incident), what will happen? News crews will go home, so will you, and nothing really changes until the next election.

If you don’t affect people with money you can’t change the world, (generally.) Sure on rare occasions someone can make a different (Forest Gump) but generally unless you become filthy stinky rich, your ability to change the world at the large scale is minimized. (Sure you heard the story of the kid on the beach with the starfish. You can help at the local level more than a national or worldly level.)

Columbus Ohio Protest: The Protest City

Give enough fire to fuel the anger of self-hating/righteous douchebags who have been stuck inside for three months during a pandemic and ‘poof’ instant rioting. (Note: The protestors should of been doing this when the Dictator Governor Dewine took away our human rights and shut down the state for a month.) Only when the Lame-Stream-Media fuels the ignorance of White self-hate, do scrawny badly tattooed teenagers put down their Playstation 4 controller long enough to come out of their parent’s basement and attempt to do something.

Yet this happens every few years for some reason? Some abuse happens to a Black man by a White cop(s) and the whole Nation loses its mental capacity before the full set of facts are exposed. Years later we find that most of the time the cops were acting in good faith, or that one cop was the ONE bad apple in the entire barrel.

As a son of a retired cop, no one ever asks if the cops want to make it home to their families. They’re always promote under the guise that that ALL COPS have emotional problems. They choose to get up and go to work everyday, just to take out their frustrations on un-expecting individuals. This is simply not plausible logic, ask any Black cop working the hood putting his fellow brothers into body-bags daily. For the few experiences where the cops were completely inappropriate they usually are removed, fired or charges are file against them. The legal system works 95% of the time. Why? Because lawyers need to make money too.

Let the cops take a few days off and when the real rioting begins, everyone will suddenly start appreciating them. Cops exist for a reason, to provide this thing called Law & Order. Its much more than a badly written television show.

Columbus Ohio Protests: Never let a good crisis go to waste

But this simply won’t be allowed by our governing overloads. We need something to occasionally stir the populace up. We need something for news ratings so our advertisers can promote their products to control our brains. “Hey did you hear about that a White Cop did again? Check the video out on Twitter and BTW buy this new Apple iPhone to watch that feed!”

Throw in specialized groups who’s only goal is to create chaos under the George Soros banner and you have a ready made crisis to help drive a political agenda. The real goal of the protest gets lost in the fire of the city night skies as individuals destroy their own homes for no logical reason.

Protesting does nothing. Repeat, it does NOTHING.  Instead of using effective methods of promoting change ($$$) low mentally retarded ignoramuses result to destruction to gather a feeling that they are getting their point across. The result is the owner of the Tea shop with broken window has to file an insurance claim, which makes your Auto Insurance go up in the long run. Or someone loses an eye when he could of just written a letter to a congressman for the same result.


So Columbus Ohio Protests stop… you’re just not helping and you’re not accomplishing anything. Your ignorant pawns of the global elites. No one cares, and the only way you will effect real social change is to finagle your way up to CEO of a large corporation, and provide money to a Senator who had the goods on you and your mistress. Maybe if you’re a minority you can do this without the blackmailing but it’s doubtful.

Addendum – Some Further Thoughts

The main question you need to ask is “If this was a white man killing a white man would this get news coverage?” The answer is ‘No’ because it could not propagate the fake narrative that ‘America is a racist country.’ This is crucial, because in reality, we do not know honestly what was in the mind of the police officers at the time of the incident. We can not mind-read or claim to know that the officers that killed George Floyd are racist. The only thing we can say without a shred of a doubt is Police officers acted inappropriately with a suspect causing his death.

This became even more apparent to me, as photos came out showing the officers charged, one of the officers is black!

The crazies will cry that Police brutality is worse toward black than whites, however this fact is a diversion because the majority of crimes in poor neighborhoods are committed by blacks. This is caused by economic differences not race, so if we were honestly going to address the problem we need to address ‘poorness’ not racism. We need to work on improving Black culture to be less of a victim mentality.

Until everyone agrees that the issue is simply blacks are poorer than whites, problems like this will continue to tear the fabric of America apart.

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