What does your show talk about?/What does your shows contain?

There are several shows that are featured on ASNL network…

A Shanty No Lemon – The gang gets together and discusses all sorts of items related to GLBT news. Mostly politics and news items, some pop culture and daily livelihood stories.

Tech with Patrick – Patrick and Anthony talk technology and space news.
Gay Comedy Podcast – Skits and comedy bits, this use to be part of the pre-ASNL shows.
AA Shows – Non-GBLT related interviews and bits.
Objectivism – Anthony and Andy talk about serious stuff, mostly Libertarian views.

How do I listen to your show?

First you can usually play the latest show from our website. However if you want to have it automatically download whenever there is a new one, follow these simple steps.

  1. Download and Install iTunes
  2. Open iTunes Click on the iTunes Store.
  3. Click on the search box in the top right corner and type ‘A Shanty No Lemon’.
  4. When the page comes up click SUBSCRIBE.
  5. Click Podcasts in the left hand corner of iTunes.
  6. Double click the show to play.
  7. That’s all there is to it!

When are new shows posted?

We record Wednesday nights and most shows are posted Thursday night or Friday morning.

When did you guys start?

Around June 11 2005

Why did you start podcasting?

Fortune and fame mostly…

What do you guys eat for breakfast?

Anthony: Fiber One and Cookie Crisp
Tim: Porridge
Patrick: Whatever the hell I want!
Marc: Cheerios

Who’s who on the show?

Fairly simple, Andy has a really distinctive high pitched laugh, Tim has a Dastardly Dog laugh and is really loud, Marc yells when he gets angry, Patrick talks about girls and Anthony sounds like a Muppet.

Did you guys really live next door to each other?

More or less, Tim and Andy were about 20 apartments down from Anthony, Patrick was across the pond in the condos.