A Shanty No Lemon Interviews,NOT TO MISS!,Reviewed I11 – Interview with Richard Hayes Phillips

I11 – Interview with Richard Hayes Phillips

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Richard Hayes Phillips holds a PHD in Geomorphology specializing in water flow through desert terrain and has fought a nuclear waste dump in New Mexico off and on for the past two decades. Richard is a gay man, living in the Adirondack mountains of upstate new York. However, over the past two years Richard has been involved in uncovering and analyzing the actual forensic data of the stolen 2004 election in Ohio.

Because of his work, this previous statement can now be taken as fact. This goes way beyond long lines and discredited exit poles as Richard’s sample set of data includes tens of thousands of actual ballot and signature books from over a dozen county Boards of Elections whose tallies simply did not add up. Richard is now able to point out clear examples of non credible vote counts and actual mechanisms of fraud.

Richard’s work is currently a part of the public record in a lawsuit currently in the Federal District Court of Southern Ohio under judge Marbley and has appeared in two articles in Rolling Stone Magazine by Robert Kennedy Junior.

Check Richard out at:http://web.northnet.org/minstrel/

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