A Shanty No Lemon A Shanty No Lemon,NOT TO MISS!,Reviewed #100 – Part 1 – The Wrath of Cheney

#100 – Part 1 – The Wrath of Cheney

#100 – Part 1 – The Wrath of Cheney post thumbnail image

I’ve always wanted to do something with comedy with my favorite movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Two and a half years ago we started a journey into the world of podcasting. Talking about our lives, politics, sex and what not. Tonight I am very proud to bring you the cumulation of our efforts into a production I am extremely proud of. 100 shows later as a producer of this podcast I can not tell you how proud I am of our team, how thankful I am from our fans and how much fun it is to bring you this show every week. Please enjoy this comedic parody of my favorite movie, performed by my favorite group of friends for your pleasure.


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