A Shanty No Lemon A Shanty No Lemon,Reviewed #74 – Tim and Anthony are put on Trial

#74 – Tim and Anthony are put on Trial

#74 – Tim and Anthony are put on Trial post thumbnail image

This podcast starts off with a response to some other local podcasters.

We are open proud, gay individuals who are comfortable with ourselves. What we are NOT comfortable with is other gay people being uncomfortable with us, simply because we are gay and do not fit into the stereotypical mold. However, it is not the responsibility nor the right of other to tell us how to act, or how to do our show. Being gay doesn’t always have to be personable and any personal life we share on this show, is done as the audience’s luxury and is not a requirement by us or society.

That being said there has definitely been some mis-communication and if so we extend our apologizes to both sides. We have offered this latest podcast, which goes through a quick synopsis of how we got to this point, and offers a comedic resolution. From this point on we are going to go forward with a positive show with no more attacks from our end, we hope that the other side will see it this way as well.

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