“It started with a dream”, well not really… but the idea of being a radio personality had always been drawn to me personally. Growing up I was an attention-starved child and came to Columbus Ohio to attend college at The Columbus College of Art and Design. This lead to two things, learning how to paint; and ‘coming out’. I graduated and went into the so-called ‘real-world’ and during the drive to work I became a big fan of the local Morning Zoo radio show. This is how I met Patrick and we started a fan site that became a part of the show. When the evil Clear Channel Corporation bought them out, and they started to change the format, started to suck, and ignored their fansite, so I jumped to Howard Stern for the morning drive during the height of the 2004 campaign. I soon realized the potential auditory communication can have on the public.

Around this time I lived just north in Columbus and met Tim and Andy my neighbors, who lived right next door to Patrick, his wife, and myself, and thus a friendship blossomed between the four of us.

I noted to these friends of mine on several occasions that they had voices that would work well with radio and had mentioned several times that we should attempt to make a ‘demo tape’ talking about ‘stuff’. They always said I had interesting stories to tell as a single gay man and I likewise felt their stories of daily living were extremely interesting. Then out of the blue came the technology of PODCASTING which seem to provide the outlet I was looking for, to which I requested my small collective of friends to get together and try something out. We got together on June 11th, 2005 to record a demo show, and by that Friday we had our first fan mail. The rest they say is history!

So what is A Shanty No Lemon (besides being the acronym of my name?) It’s mainly friends of all sexual preferences getting together to discuss local life here in Columbus Ohio. This can involve everything from the daily grind, our geeky computer notes, a full-blown political discussion, or what happened in the week of everyone’s life.

All of this and more from our dainty little spot located in Columbus Ohio, the heart of it all.

Mission Statement:

  • To challenge the ideals and misconceptions of stereotypes even within the community itself.
  • To bring comfort and joy to those within the community, and to help those in need of a good laugh.
  • To provide an outlet for aligning with our straight allies and bring better harmony to society.
  • To provide an outlet for everyone to voice their opinion and ideas of the world we live in.
  • To have fun with the understanding that everyone has their flaws and nobody is perfect.