Tim – Tim has been entertaining people for over a decade. As a regular at the Ohio Renaissance Festival as The Earl of Warwick, Tim has provided numerous individuals with taunts and witty rhetoric. Tim is as a professional political major who previously served under the (gasp) Bob Taft administration. Tim’s delightful sense of spontaneous comedy has become the highlight of the A Shanty No Lemon. Tim is also the dedicate husband to his partner Andy in their home in Columbus Ohio.

 – Patrick is the token straight guy and a longtime friend of Anthony’s who was co-sponsor with him with back in the late 90’s. A dork at heart Patrick is a well respected and highly demanded Network Administrator. However he’ll be the first to say he was turned away from the dark side (Windows) and now fights for the Jedi’s (Macintosh) (okay maybe more Unix). Patrick’s deep voice is considered the eighth marvel of the modern world and he brings to the show science, technology and the questions the straight people always ask.

Marc  – Tim and Andy’s good neighbor (up till recently) and friend, who practically lives with them Marc has seen military duty during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 as a Marine and brings to the show actual military experience. He is a single man, who enjoys telling his strange and bizarre dating/sex stories. Marc is a financial genius, politically active, and also has a heart of gold for all those who he cares for. Working with Tim he continues to drive Anthony crazy at every attempt they get.


Anthony  – The creator and mastermind of the show, Anthony is a protocol droid and a den mother rolled into one. With the humorous likes of ‘Weird Al’ wrapped up with the comedy of ‘Sonny Bono’ and looks of a hot Muppet. A high in demand technological and design guru. Anthony has produced several successful corporate websites, as well as had a role both polticially and socially with the local Columbus Ohio scene. Block Watch captain, Transformer and Progressive rock fanatic, Anthony drives to bring his interesting stories to the world of the gay genre.

Stephen – Stephen is a transplant to Columbus from the hills of Southern Ohio. A recent grad of THE Ohio State University, he works as a music director for a few churches and a high school on the west side of Columbus. Stephen seems to have no sense of shame and will do pretty much anything for attention, as long as it involves nudity.

Roy and Lisa – Roy and Lisa are dear friends of the A Shanty No Lemon crew. Roy is the token conservative friend and Lisa is the token red-head. Both join the crew occasionally to provide insight, from that convervative/female perspective.

Andy  – Tim’s counter-part for many years and the rugged libertarian of the bunch, Andy’s smooth and matured style only compliments his incredible tact intellect and professional speaking experience. As a technology manager Andy has no time for bull, and gives you the facts straight up. Emotion and passion runs through the blood of this individual and his back rubbing technique is something to behold.

Todd – The Gay Bob Ueker or the Lewis Black of the show, Todd is a friend of Anthony’s who is into sports, ATV-ing, Columbus Hockey, and bringing out gullibility in everyone (especially Anthony). Some what country, some-what rock-n-roll, some-what conservative, and some-what crabby old man, Todd occasionally guest stars on the show just to help make fun of Anthony. Our good friend Todd passed away Oct 13 2008. He will be missed.

Mike – Mike is our Cousin Oliver (Brady Bunch reference), starting as a fan who discovered our show, Mike came out to friends and family during the last season. You can view the highlights of him meeting his life partner Pete and coming out to his children and learning what it is like to live in the bear community. Mike currently runs his own LGBT Podcast Reel Gay Movie Show.