Farewell Friends…

Hello fans, 

After seven long years of Podcasting I’ve decided to bring ASNL to its conclusion. The initial goal was to do three last shows, then that became one last show, and of course conflicting schedules caused ‘no show’ to become a reality. The team here had the best intentions of putting together one last big ‘hurrah’ but simply put schedules would not allow us to do that. As such once my hosting expires on this account, I am not renewing for another year. The site will go offline and the URL redirect back to my personal site. 

I feel we’ve said all we needed to say. I think anyone who has listened to the show has achieved a better understanding that there is more out there than the stereotypical gay individual. If anything Podcasting in general has shown the world there are more varieties in the rainbow than anyone thought. After seven years, we’ve grown as individuals and hopefully we’ve helped other people expand their thinking on how the world ‘works.’ Hopefully in some small way we have helped make the world a better place, or at least provided a laugh for someone to start their day. 

I’m currently involved in a music project and this has now become ‘my passion’. This is what I should of been doing several years ago but I do have to admit that without the Podcast I would have never found this. Combining that, lack of time and everyone’s crazy schedule, I’ve lost interest in Podcasting and it’s now time to move on. 

I would like to thank everyone’s contributions over the years, especially the team itself. Andy, Tim, Patrick, Marc, Stephen, Roy and Lisa, Colonel T, Jason, Lex Lyman, Cayenne Chris Conroy and so many others I can not thank you guys for putting up with my craziness and anal rententativeness. It has been a wonderful journey…

For anyone who wants to keep in contact with me and my musical pursuits you can follow me at www.anthonyanselmo.com, or the various social services. 

In conclusion, we wish all our fans the the best and thank for seven amazing years! Be well, be safe and remember to enjoy life…

Anthony S. Anselmo

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