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I15 – Interview with RedLightCenter.com

I15 – Interview with RedLightCenter.com post thumbnail image

Anthony interviews Brian Shuster CEO of RedLightCenter.com on the recent announcement of Red Light Center allowing Gay Marriages within their virtual world. Check out this special Interview show!

RedLightCenter.com Holds Gay Marriages Across the Country

Virtual world facilitates gay weddings online;

stands strong as an early supporter of gay marriage


VANCOUVER, B.C. – California and New York aren’t the only progressive advocates recognizing gay unions. RedLightCenter.com, an online virtual world platform for dating, relationships and social interaction run by parent site Utherverse.com, provides an outlet for any couple – gay or straight – to plan elaborate virtual wedding ceremonies that are mediated by actual justices of the peace.


RedLightCenter.com, which logs over 1.6 million registered visitors and functions as a social platform, offers members access to wedding chapels where they can hold ceremonies ranging from shotgun weddings to elaborate gala affairs. Many couples choose to follow ceremonies with spectacular receptions – and even an intimate wedding night. Additionally, the virtual world provides access to professional wedding planners and third party vendors that create photo albums, specialized cakes and dress and tuxedo design, as well as other personalized options. Potential married couples can even send out virtual announcements, select the wedding party and coordinate the live entertainment.


With celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi tying the knot, RedLightCenter has the capability to host an unlimited number of A-list wedding guests from all over the world. For instance, if Ellen was interested in planning a virtual wedding, special programmers can design the celebrity couple’s avatars to look life-like, and friends or family (or even a massive audience of fans) who might not be able to travel to a distant wedding can easily attend these virtual ceremonies.


“Even though California and New York have recently moved to a more lenient stance on gay marriage, we’ve always considered ourselves progressive and at the forefront of the gay rights movement,” remarked Brian Shuster, founder and CEO of RedLightCenter.com. “We’ve been providing a unique platform for gay couples to wed since 2006, and we hope to give more and more couples the chance to get married until the world accepts these marriages.”


Since 2002, RedLightCenter.com has been operating as an innovator in virtual world social networking. As a platform for relationships and social interaction, RedLightCenter remains an online leader of non-discriminating practices. The virtual world offers secure outlets for all sexual orientations.


About RedLightCenter.com


RedLightCenter.com is the Internet’s most sophisticated and advanced adult virtual reality universe. The site offers users virtual nightclubs, hotels, bars, movie theaters and stores.


In addition, the cyber universe offers Community Events, such as parties, classes, meeting rooms, live music with dancing and art-gallery openings. These events are broadcast within the online universe. Users also have the ability to offer their own events to real audiences within the various RedLightCenter theaters. User-presented events may include the multimedia broadcast of content from podcasts, films, book-readings, comedy acts, band performances, instructional classes and more.


About Utherverse.com

Utherverse is the Internet’s most sophisticated and advanced adult 3D virtual reality universe.  The company was formed in 2002 to create a virtual-world web of massively multiplayer online communities.  Specifically designed to appeal to the 21-49 year-old demographic market, the site offers users virtual nightclubs, hotels, movie theaters, stores, and community events.


Utherverse’s first two products are RedLightCenter.com, an adult-themed virtual world modeled after the infamous district in Amsterdam, and Virtual-Vancouver.com, a music and entertainment-focused online community.  Utherverse plans to construct a Virtual-World Web consisting of millions of interlinked Virtual Worlds, providing users with a much more enriching and immersive experience than the flat web does today. 


For more information, please visit http://www.utherverse.com.

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